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Montgomery County Construction Accident Attorney Helping Residents In The Woodlands, Conroe, and Houston

Any workplace can present risks of physical injury, but those who work at construction sites are at greater risk of suffering serious injury or death on the job than most employees. As a matter of fact, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports that construction worker deaths represented over 21 percent of worker fatalities in 2016. There are a great many causes of construction accidents. While most affect construction workers, some injure or kill unsuspecting passersby.

If you reside or need an attorney in The Woodlands, Houston, Conroe or in the surrounding areas, and have suffered a serious injury at a construction site, or if you have tragically lost a loved one in such an accident, it is crucial that you consult with a construction accident attorney who can help you navigate the legal system successfully and receive every bit of compensation you deserve. Adams Law Firm, located in The Woodlands, is a highly regarded practice of construction accident attorneys. We have fine legal credentials, excellent skills, and a well-earned reputation for winning cases. We are also deeply compassionate and understand the severity of the trauma you and your family have been through. We will work hard to meet your needs and smooth the path before you.

The “Fatal Four” Construction Accidents

OSHA has categorized four types of construction accidents — known as “the fatal four” — that are responsible for almost 60 percent of construction worker deaths:

  1. Falls account for over 38 percent of construction deaths. These may be due to slippery surfaces or obstructed pathways, or maybe falls from heights (ladders, scaffolds, roofs, vehicles or equipment)
  2. Being struck by an object is the cause of over 9 percent of construction worker deaths.
  3. Electrocutions cause over 8 percent of construction worker on-the-job fatalities.
  4. Caught in-between accidents occur when workers get compressed or crushed between pieces of machinery or equipment or trapped under collapsing structures. These accidents are responsible are responsible for over 7 percent of construction worker deaths.

Of course, a great many falls and other “fatal four” accidents do not result in wrongful death but are the causes of very serious injuries. Adams Law Firm is well-prepared to fight for you to receive appropriate compensation for whatever type of calamity you and your family have suffered. Since we are sharp negotiators, we are sometimes able to get you a generous settlement without going to court, but be assured that we are also zealous litigators if your case warrants a trial.

Our Montgomery Construction Accident Lawyer Will Fight to Win You Substantial Compensation

Depending on the specific circumstances of your accident, our construction accident attorneys will file a lawsuit on your behalf against the contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment or machinery, or the owner of the construction site. The damages you receive will be carefully calculated to cover present and future costs for:

  • Medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care
  • Psychological therapy to cope with the trauma
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Long-term disability and all related costs

If your case involves a wrongful death suit, we will fight to obtain compensation for funeral and burial costs as well as other pertinent expenses, such as lost financial support the victim was providing and would have continued to provide had he or she not been killed. Also, if the party responsible for your accident has behaved intentionally or with excessive negligence, our construction accident attorneys may also be able to obtain punitive damages for you and your family. Punitive damages are awarded to punish especially wrongful behavior on the part of the defendant and to prevent any other potential offenders from engaging in similar misconduct.

Steps Our Montgomery Personal Injury Attorney Will Take to Prove Your Case

There are several elements necessary to prove your case to the court. For one thing, it must be proven that you were exercising reasonable caution and that, therefore, your injury was not your own fault. Second, we must prove that your employer (or the third party responsible) was negligent and failed to take appropriate precautions to prevent injury or damage. Our capable and experienced attorneys will investigate the circumstances of your accident with great care –, photographing the site, interviewing witnesses, examining medical records, and, when necessary, bringing in experts such as medical specialists, engineers, or manufacturing consultants to testify on your behalf.

Workers’ Compensation

In Texas, workers’ compensation is regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. Any accident you suffer at the workplace, regardless of whether you or your employer is at fault, entitles you to workers’ compensation. Applying for workers’ compensation is relatively simple compared to preparing a court case. Although you are likely to receive money in a more timely fashion from workers’ comp than if you sue your employer, workers’ comp will only pay for medical and medically related costs and for lost income during your recovery. You will not be covered for pain and suffering or prolonged disability. This is why in cases of severe injury or wrongful death, it is necessary to engage the services of a savvy construction accident attorney who will be able to evaluate your particular case and present you with your best options.

Conditions for Which Responsible Parties May Be Held Accountable

It is bad enough to suffer the consequences of a serious injury; to know that someone else could have taken steps to prevent its occurrence adds insult to injury. When Adams Law Firm takes your Montgomery County construction accident case, we look for and examine all evidence of possible:

  • Unsafe working conditions (e.g. lack of railings, support beams, goggles)
  • Improper maintenance of tools or other equipment
  • Inadequate safety training of employees
  • Improper maintenance and supervision of vehicles
  • Failure to post warning notices of dangerous conditions

Whether you are a construction worker doing your job or someone passing by a construction site, if the company in charge has failed to take necessary precautions, Adams Law Firm is ready and able to hold that party accountable for your physical and emotional pain and for your financial losses. We are easily reachable by phone or by filling out a contact form on our website.