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Adams Law Firm, serving clients in The Woodlands, Houston, Conroe and throughout Montgomery County, has a well-earned reputation for business acumen as well as legal knowledge and skill. For over two decades, we have been assisting our clients by being their staunch advocates in business litigation. When you are embroiled in a business dispute stemming from a transaction or contract involving oral, written, or statutory obligations, Adams Law Firm is the place to contact. We will represent you and support you, always focused on your best interests whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.

Types of Business Litigation We Handle at Adams Law Firm

Our business litigation attorneys are well-prepared to lead you to victory or beneficial compromise in a broad range of areas of potential dispute, including:

  • Breach of contract cases
  • Business torts, including theft of trade secrets
  • Commercial real estate deals, including leases, purchases and sales
  • Employment contracts
  • Fraud
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Product liability and personal injury cases
  • Shareholder matters
  • Whistleblower cases

At Adams Law Firm we know how important your bottom line is so we try hard to work out your dispute through careful negotiation, avoiding lengthy trials. Nonetheless, with some intractable opponents, litigation is unavoidable. When such occasions arise, you can be sure that our skilled business litigation lawyers are fully prepared to win your case in a court of law. We have carefully crafted strategies that have worked successfully over a long period of time, even in complicated cases.

Adams Law Firm Will Help You Be Proactive to Avoid Risk

We know federal and state business laws inside and out and will assist you in making wise choices to ensure your compliance with all statutes pertaining to employment and environmental regulations. We have also helped numerous clients to avoid conflict by drafting (or editing) documents. We make certain that agreements are well-detailed and precisely worded to prevent ambiguity and argument. Our attentive business litigation lawyers will, as much as possible, protect you in advance from getting entangled in a legal dispute. By doing so, we will minimize your risk of time-consuming, costly litigation.

Common Types of Business Litigation

In order to understand more about the services we offer, here are some examples of business litigation cases Adams Law Firm sees often:

Intellectual Property Disputes
The word “property” is key to the concept in question, meaning that the idea, trade secret, copyright, patent or trademark belongs to you and your company. If someone is preempting or otherwise misusing your intellectual property, it is your right (and responsibility) to take legal action. The business litigation lawyers at Adams Law Firm will file a lawsuit on your behalf since you are entitled to damages.

Breach of Contract Cases
Contracts are, in many ways, the foundation on which businesses are built. Leases, mortgages, partnerships, employment and service agreements — all are contracts that are legally binding. If either party fails to meet the terms of the contract, a breach is said to occur. If you are the party damaged by the breach, our business litigation lawyers will see to it that you are compensated for the losses you have sustained.

Employment Disputes
If one of your employees violates a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement, we can hold her/him legally accountable. On the other hand, if an employee sues you for discrimination, retaliation or wrongful termination, you will end up as the defendant. Don’t worry. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, Adams Law Firm is on your side. Once you become out client, we will fight hard and long to make sure your rights are protected.

Partnership Disputes
When partners cannot agree, a business becomes strained at its core. Fast action must be taken to keep the business whole and functional. Our business litigation attorneys have diplomatic negotiation skills, using tactics that leave both partners satisfied, pride intact. Of course, since you are our client, we never forget to focus on making a deal that is advantageous to you.

Product or Premises Liability Claims
Any business, no matter how well-managed or how compliant with state and federal law, remains vulnerable to lawsuits by someone who claims damages for a personal injury claim. As a business owner you should have the contact information for Adams Law Firm at hand in case you are one day faced with a lawsuit resulting from a slip and fall on your premises or find that a product your company manufactures is defective and has caused harm to a customer. Business litigations of any kind can be costly and, even more importantly, force you to take your eye off the ball at a critical moment. This is why we try to help you avoid them.

The Advantages of Keeping Litigation Private

Adams Law Firm knows that there are advantages to keeping business litigation out of the public eye. This is why we work hard to settle business disputes away from the pervasive media coverage of courtroom activity. In the long run it may be cheaper and more productive to settle your case through agile negotiation than to push for victory in a courtroom because the latter may put your brand, your personal reputation, and your profit margin at risk. Whichever way your case in handled, when you come to our Adams Law Firm, you can count on our discretion. Our business litigation attorneys are as trustworthy as they come.

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Our experienced attorneys have the outstanding credentials and well-honed skills to give you an edge in your quest to maintain stability and profitability while going through business litigation. That’s because we have a comprehensive understanding of state and federal business law as well as a knack for savvy negotiation and aggressive litigation. At Adams Law Firm, we are always focused on your future as well as your present; we will work diligently to make sure you’re on the right path. Contact us today for a consultation regarding your case!