Montgomery County, Texas has an amazing history, having been inhabited by humans for 12,000 years. In fact, archaeologists have recovered artifacts from the Paleo-Indian culture in the region, a culture believed to contain artifacts from the earliest human residents of the United States. Coushatta Indian reservation, now open to visitors, provides an intriguing peek into the past of people whose ancestry can be traced to the time when agriculture was just beginning to help homo sapiens survive. Visitors and residents of Montgomery County are also drawn to the many shimmering lakes, parks, and woodlands of this part of Texas in which they enjoy hiking, exploring, appreciating local wildlife, and contemplating the immensity of the Lone Star State.

Unfortunately, no matter how awe-inspiring the region you inhabit may be, when you are a victim of personal injury or are involved in financially punishing civil litigation, you may lose interest in scenic and meaningful sites as you are overcome by pain and worry about your future and the future of your family or business. If you have suffered personal injury or are burdened by a contentious business dispute in Montgomery County, once you contact Adams Law Firm you will immediately realize that you have come to the right place.

Personal Injury in Montgomery County, Texas

If you are facing the awful consequences of personal injury, you are likely caught up in a maelstrom of physical and/or emotional pain, complicated by the stress of financial instability. Be assured that, although you may feel as if you and your family are alone in your troubles, a large number of people in Montgomery County have gone through similarly challenging situations and come out able to cope well and enjoy their lives, even though their lives have been altered by the trauma. Many of these individuals have had the powerful legal representation of Adams Law Firm.

Over the past 35 years, our lead attorney, C. Kelvin Adams, has successfully won millions of dollars in damages for deserving victims of personal injury. You can trust him to fight tirelessly to add you to his list of satisfied clients.

Adams Law Firm Is a Comprehensive Personal Injury Practice

No matter what the cause of your personal injury, as long as harm came to you as a result of someone else’s negligence, we will see you for a free initial consultation. If, after we discuss the details of your experience and examine your medical records, we determine that you have a viable case, we will charge you no attorneys’ fees until we win your case. Adams Law Firm handles all of the following types of personal injury cases in Montgomery County:

Whether you have slipped in the supermarket on a wet floor unmarked by a caution sign, been severely injured by a drunk driver, suffered a misdiagnosis or wrongful surgery, or been hurt by a defectively manufactured tool, Adams Law Firm is fully prepared to make sure the guilty party is held accountable. Though we prefer to obtain a negotiated settlement, Kelvin is a powerful trial attorney with excellent litigation skills.

The Law Is on Your Side and So Are We

If another person or entity has caused you personal injury through negligent or reckless behavior, you are legally entitled to damages to cover your economic costs and losses and your non-economic (intangible) suffering. We will sue the responsible party for any and all of the following that apply:

  • Medical, surgical and rehabilitation costs
  • Property damage
  • Scarring or other disfigurement
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Lost income, now and future
  • Long-term disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If your injury resulted from especially egregious behavior, such as impaired driving or the marketing of a product known to be unsafe, you may also be awarded punitive damages designed to punish the defendant and to prevent others from engaging in similar misconduct.

Types of Civil Litigation Handled by Adams Law Firm

If your small business has suffered financially because of the unfair, immoral, or even potentially unlawful activity, by law you are entitled to sue to be compensated for your losses. Whether your business is reeling from misappropriated funds, a contract dispute, a predatory creditor, professional malpractice, or deceptive trade practices, Adams Law Firm has your back. We will work vigorously to win you compensation for lost profits, damage to your reputation, future income, legal and court fees, and any other resulting damages for which the defendant is liable.

Contact Our Montgomery County Personal Injury Law Firm

If you are a resident of Montgomery County, Adams Law Firm is a wonderful choice whether you are seeking legal guidance and representation in regard to a personal injury or civil litigation. Not only does our lead attorney have exceptional credentials, but he is also personally concerned with restoring and preserving the well-being of each of his clients. Our practice is dedicated to serving your particular needs. We use customized tactics for each case, recognizing that no two cases are identical. We know that when you come to us you have been victimized one way or another and we are here to turn things around and see that justice is done. The sooner you contact Adams Law Firm, the sooner we can protect your rights and restore your confidence in your ability to bounce back.