Adams Law Firm discusses why you shouldn't post about your car accident on social media.

Social media has gained widespread popularity over the last few years among people of all ages. Sites like Instagram and Facebook allow users to publicly share information about their lives with friends, family, and others. And although social media can be a great way to keep up with friends and family, it can also lead to legal problems, particularly for those involved in car accidents. 

If you’ve been involved in a car accident or any other type of accident resulting in personal injury or property damage, you may be entitled to compensation. Posting about the accident, however, can jeopardize your odds of a successful outcome. Below is an overview of why you shouldn’t post about your car accident on social media.  

Social media and accident investigations

Accident investigators are aware that people often post about their car accidents on social media. In fact, when investigating an accident, social media is one of the first places investigators turn to for information. After posting about your accident on social media, it can impact you when:

  • Filing an insurance claim – Any information that you post online about your accident can help the insurance company deny, dispute, or minimize your claim.
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit – Social media posts about your accident can be used as evidence against you and may prevent the court from issuing a favorable judgment on your behalf. 

How social media can hurt you 


According to a 2018 report by Forbes, social media posts are increasingly being used as evidence in insurance claims and civil court matters. One way to guard yourself against this is to set all of your social media settings to private, which means that only those individuals you approve of will be able to see them. However, even in this setting, you must be vigilant that sensitive information isn’t shared via third parties or through tagged posts. Specifically, posts on social media can be used against you to:

  • Dispute the severity of your injuries
  • Dispute the circumstances of your accident
  • Dispute the total amount of damages you claim to have suffered as a result of your car accident

Contact a Texas attorney for assistance 

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Texas, please contact our Montgomery County motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. At Adams Law Firm, our experienced Texas lawyer understands the devastating effects that auto accidents can have on passengers and drivers alike. Our aggressive Montgomery County attorney has helped countless passengers and drivers injured in auto accidents obtain the compensation they deserve. In addition, our Texas car and truck accident attorney has over 35 years of experience trying motor vehicle accident cases throughout the state. Therefore, if you’ve been injured in a Texas auto accident, please contact our law firm as soon as possible for a consultation. 

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