Denial of car accident claims are common in Montgomery County, Texas.

The denial of car accident claims is a common occurrence in Texas. And unfortunately, many claims are wrongfully denied. In fact, insurance claim adjusters are notorious for finding ways to deny claims and pay out as little as possible to injured drivers. Therefore, if an insurance company has recently denied your car accident claim, it’s imperative that you review the information below and contact our Montgomery County motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your compensation options. 

Reasons insurance companies deny car accident claims 

Insurance companies give a variety of reasons for denying car accident claims in Texas, including:

  • The driver was at fault – Insurance companies sometimes deny claims by asserting that the individual seeking compensation was at fault for an accident. However, conclusions regarding fault aren’t always based on accurate information, making legal representation imperative following an insurance claim denial. 
  • Failure to timely report the accident – Texas law requires drivers to report a car accident within ten days of its occurrence in the absence of a police report. When a driver fails to meet this deadline, the insurance company will deny the claim. 
  • Another driver was at fault – Multiple parties are often at fault for a single car accident. When this happens, insurance companies sometimes attempt to deflect blame. However, if multiple drivers are at fault for an accident, the driver seeking compensation should file claims with the insurance companies of all negligent parties. Negligent behavior by more than one driver isn’t a valid reason for an insurance company to deny a claim. 
  • No injury – Insurance companies sometimes claim that the party filing a claim wasn’t injured in his or her accident. However, insurance company representatives aren’t doctors. Therefore, in order to demonstrate injury, the party seeking compensation should obtain copies of his or her medical records and bills as soon as possible following an accident. 
  • Lack of legal representation – Finally, insurance companies tend to be more comfortable denying the claims of individuals who don’t have legal representation. Therefore, if you’ve recently suffered a claim denial, you should hire a Montgomery County motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible. At Adams Law Firm, our experienced personal injury lawyers understand the devastating effects that motor vehicle accidents have on victims in Texas. Our aggressive and compassionate Montgomery County motor vehicle accident attorney has helped countless individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents in Texas obtain the compensation they deserve. In addition, our Texas car and truck accident attorney has over 35 years of experience trying a wide variety of motor vehicle accident cases throughout the state and has been recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as having the legal expertise, knowledge, and trial skills required for doing so. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, please contact our law firm as soon as possible for a consultation.

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